Siena Web Service Architecture

Clients to interface to the World

Siena Web Service Clients

We provide native Web Service clients for all Windows platforms as well as generic client interfaces for Java and Python. The Windows client provides a COM interface which allows transparent access to the Web Services on the server side, while the Java and Python clients implement a very simple API to program against.

Windows COM Client

The Windows COM Client allows calling Web Services from any COM-compatible Windows application. Since COM is an established standard on the Windows platform, virtually any business software is automatically enabled to communicate with the Web Services on the server.

Java Client Library

For Java applications we provide a Java class library which Java programmers can embed into their applications to Web Service enable them. The library takes care of all the communication with the server side and exposes a transparent generic interface to the Web Service implementations on the server.

Python Client Library

Python is steadily becoming a more popular programming language. We serve this popularity with our Python client library, which is written as Python package for programmers to embed into their application.